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Universidad de Monterrey
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Study at the Universidad de Monterrey!

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Surround yourself with Mexican culture, history, and cuisine while studying for a semester or full year at the Universidad de Monterrey! UDEM serves over 8,000 undergraduate and graduate students and offers unlimited access to Monterrey’s many art galleries, museums, theatres, and commercial centers. Located in the heart of the San Pedro Garza Garcia municipality, UDEM is 1,000 kilometers north of Mexico City and Guadalajara and only a few hours away from the beaches of Cancun. The university is renowned for their successful liberal arts education, extensive internship program, and outstanding international services.

"Being able to improve my Spanish, travel, meet new people, eat great food, and assert my independence, were only some of the benefits I gained from studying at the Universidad de Monterrey!” Delia Steverson, Full Year ISEP Participant from Agnes Scott College

About Universidad de Monterrey

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Check out the UDEM campus virtual tour (In English)

UDEM is a modern liberal arts university situated in the southwest region of the Monterrey metropolitan area. Officially established in 1969 by the Catholic Church, local businessmen, professionals and educators, the university has always demonstrated a strong commitment to personal growth, holistic education, global awareness, and quality teaching.  UDEM’s mission incorporates noteworthy student internships, campus internationalization, and community involvement.

With over 8,000 students and 40 majors, the university is recognized as one of the finest institutions in Mexico.

UDEM is especially ideal for students traveling from abroad. The university’s iLink program helps international students connect with their Mexican classmates. Through these cross-cultural relationships, international students can practice their Spanish, experience authentic Mexican culture, and explore Monterrey with those who know it best! The iLink program also sponsors affordable trips to the nearby attractions like las Grutas de García (the Garcia Caves), la Gran Plaza, and las Cascadas Cola de Caballo (the Horsetail Falls).

Another outstanding feature of the UDEM program is their Lánzate Center for Leadership and Challenge. Lánzate offers an array of outdoor activities, including: ropes courses, rappelling challenges, hiking trips, and camping excursions for national and international students alike. The program offers great opportunities to meet other university students while challenging participants in team-building exercises and leadership development. If you are looking for a program that will test you inside and outside the classroom, UDEM is the perfect place for you!

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Academic Information

UDEM classroom

UDEM is widely recognized as one of the top schools in Mexico. With a small teacher to student ratio, you are guaranteed quality teaching and personal care inside the classroom. A detailed description of course requirements can be found here. The university also offers a great number of internships within the Monterrey metropolitan area as well as a large selection of classes in English. Because of the many English courses available at UDEM, students are not required to have had previous experience in Spanish.

The Universidad de Monterrey offers courses in the following colleges (facultades):

Academic Calendar

First semester: early January to late May
Summer Term: late June to late July
Second semester: late July to early December

Students may request a semester or full year placement – full year placement is strongly recommended. UDEM’s calendar is compatible with most university calendars.

Library and Computer Labs

International students have full access to the Biblioteca Central as well as three other department libraries (Unidad San Pedro, Unidad Valle Alto, y Unidad Fundadores). UDEM also has library agreements with 44 other local and national institutions in order to provide students with the best resources possible.

The campus is widely equipped with computers and computer labs. UDEM also offers students wireless access around campus.

“During this year at the UDEM I did not only learn a lot about Mexico and the mexicans – I met people from all over the world. Students from the US, from France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, Norway… all with their peculiarities studied, partied and traveled together and made this experience not just bi- but multi-cultural.” Dorothee Wolf, an ISEP Participant from Universitat Trier

Housing and Meals

ISEP recognizes UDEM and its surrounding neighborhood as friendly, safe, and secure for international students.. Living with a host family in Monterrey is strongly encouraged by ISEP. Students may also choose to live on campus in the UDEM residence halls or off campus in rented apartments.


UDEM’s International Programs Department is outstanding. All students will be met at the airport, provided that the International Programs Department is advised of their travel schedule. The IPD also arranges the student orientation, helps to facilitate the iLink program, and organizes many extracurricular activities and excursions.  International students will receive top notch support during their time in Monterrey.

Sports and Recreation

The sports and recreation facilities at UDEM are one of a kind. The Sports Education Center on campus is currently used by over 4,500 students. This center allows local and international students to play soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball as well as engage in swimming, tae kwon do, aerobics, and climbing activities. The city of Monterrey also boasts over 60 sports clubs that international students may visit and use.

“Studying in Mexico wasn’t a whole lot like I thought it’d be…it was better!” Olivia Jones, an ISEP Participant from Missouri State University

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About Monterrey, Mexico!

The cosmopolitan city of Monterrey has combined colonial architecture with modern buildings, creating daring and unusual contrasts. Its main attractions are concentrated in the metropolitan area, particularly in the Macroplaza and its surroundings. This area boasts civil and religious buildings, as well as a variety of interesting museums, that bear witness to four centuries of history.

Places of Interest


Monterrey offers a wide variety of venues for dancing, listening to music or enjoying a drink in the evening such as Club Vongole, Charao’s, El Skandal, Kumbala and Far West Rodeo. There are two main entertainment centers, one in the old town, El Barrio Antiguo, where you can find a variety of restaurants, cafes, bars and discos, and the Centrito Valle, in the heart of San Pedro Garza Garcia.


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