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Codes used on this page:

E = Sites with ISEP-Exchange space available

E* = Sites with limited ISEP-Exchange space available

D = ISEP-Direct program available

If a site is not listed or the column is blank, then it is not open for applications.

Students: please talk with your ISEP Coordinator before applying to E* sites as space is limited. It is also good idea to list alternate sites on your application.

ISEP Coordinators: please call Program Officer for E* availability.

For more information about site availability, please refer to our Chances of Placement Guidelines.

Sites Open for US Applications: Fall 2014 & Academic Year 2014-15

There's still time to apply! Deadlines are listed below until space is filled.

Site ISEP Exchange ISEP Direct Important Notes
Chance of Placement: Limited
Recommendations: List this as your first choice to increase chance of placement.