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5 Hints to get started:

  1. Search for a Program to find the institutions that offer courses you need.

  2. Read the online Directory descriptions and the university’s main website very carefully.

  3. Check out the Photo-Essays from past students.

  4. Plan carefully, but be flexible. Precise information about courses may not be available until shortly before your program begins, so be sure to have alternate courses in mind.

  5. Consider non-traditional destinations. You may have the opportunity later in life to go on a European tour or cruise south of the border, but this will be your one chance to spend a year or semester somewhere unique like Finland, Korea, Ghana, or Uruguay.  Besides, it will look terrific on your résumé!

Don’t go to a big city.  Yes, they are worthwhile to see and experience, but a city is a city.  Go to the countryside where you really get to know the people.

Luke Krisch, Fall 2005 to Deakin University, Australia

Finding the Right Site

With over 135 universities to choose from in 36 different countries, you have a range of options! To find the site that is right for you, spend some time researching the different programs through the website.

You might find it helpful to print this page as a guide while researching.

Factors to Consider