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5 Ways to Get Started:

  1. Search for a Program to find the institutions that offer courses you need.

  2. Read the online Directory descriptions and the university’s main website very carefully.

  3. Check out the ISEP Photo Contest albums on Facebook.

  4. Plan carefully, but be flexible. Precise information about courses may not be available until shortly before your program begins, so be sure to have alternate courses in mind.

  5. Consider non-traditional destinations. This may be your only chance to spend a year or semester somewhere unique like Finland, Korea, Ghana, or Uruguay. Besides, it will look terrific on your résumé!
Finding the Right Site


Your Budget

Choose from our vast list of affordable programs, apply financial aid and access ISEP scholarships.

Your Classes

Take courses in any academic field and study alongside locals. Volunteer or add an internship to gain real-world global experience.

Your Location

Choose from more than 159 sites in 51 countries. From small villages to metropolitan cities, you'll find the perfect place to call home.


Factors to Consider