Vesalius College Summer Program

Focus on Europe


The Vesalius College Summer 2015 Program “Focus on Europe” is situated in Brussels, “The Capital of Europe,” and offers students a unique summer experience.
Lasting seven weeks, the Summer Session gives students a focused academic program and the opportunity to experience and explore the best of European culture and travel. The Vesalius College Summer Program consists of courses in the fields of Business, Communications, and International Affairs, with a strong focus on Europe. In addition, there are a number of internship opportunities available in high-profile public and private organizations in Brussels.

Brussels, Belgium

Language of Instruction: English


ISEP-Direct Summer for all ISEP member students


Students may take one or two of the courses listed below:

ART109E        Art in Belgium
ART181E        Introduction to Design
BUS213E        Management of Innovation and Technical Change
BUS288E        Management of Art and Culture
CMM346E      Lobbying in the EU
INT381E        Internship
LAW381E      Law of the EU Internal Market
POL288E        The Politics and International Relations of Africa
POL334E        The European Union in the World
POL352E       Islam and Politics in Europe
STA101E        Introduction to Statistics

For more information about these courses please visit Vesalius College Summer Programs (2015 summer information coming soon!)


• Minimum prerequisite for admission into the summer program: 2.75 GPA or the equivalent.
• Internship candidates must also have junior-level status.
• All politics courses have a prerequisite of at least one course in politics.
• All business courses have a prerequisite of Business 101 or the equivalent.


The language of instruction at Vesalius College is English. Students from non-native English-speaking countries must submit a minimum TOEFL score of 90/120 IBT or 577/677 PBT or IELTS score of 6.5.


Late May- Mid July, 2016


April 15, 2016 Internship: February 15, 2016




ISEP students will be housed with host families located in the Brussels area. These families are committed to enriching the study abroad experience for students. Most of the host families are French-speaking, although some are Dutch-speaking. All families have a good command of the English language and are able to communicate effectively with students who have no knowledge of French or Dutch.

Host families will provide students with 11 meals per week: 7 breakfasts and 4 dinners. Also provided are sheets, towels, laundry, and internet access. Students are responsible for covering the costs of the rest of their meals.

There is a € 500 refundable homestay deposit that must be paid at the time of the housing application. Without payment, the homestay placement process for the student cannot begin. Please see the following site for more information on the housing application process: The weekly home stay fee is already covered in the ISEP summer program fee and includes personal liability insurance coverage for the student.

Students are expected to arrive on the Sunday that precedes the first day of orientation.


Many extracurricular activities are sponsored by the Vesalius Student Government (VSG) and the associated Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). The VSG organizes regular student parties, outings and other activities. Sports include soccer, basketball, swimming, athletics, and fitness at a world-class fitness center. ISEP students can also participate in student-driven academic activities such as college publications, forums, and assemblies.


Vesalius College offers students the opportunity to earn academic credit and professional experience through a unique, graded internship program in Brussels. With over 50 internship sponsors in the public and private sectors and with partners such as the United Nations, NATO, ING, UPS, the European Journalism Center, and many more, students acquire professional skills and make important contacts that can propel them into the career of their dreams. In the summer, students typically work 25 hours a week and receive 3 US credits.

Applying for an internship is a separate process at Vesalius College. Interested students must submit their ISEP applications by February 15 so that they have time to be accepted to the Vesalius summer program before submitting the internship application. To fast track this process students interested in applying for an internship must include a copy of their resume/CV and a general cover letter that outlines internship objectives, preferred job responsibilities, and qualifications with the ISEP application. Additionally a separate application is needed for specific internships. (Please see the following site for more information:  After placement in the summer program, please contact Vesalius College for more information.


Vesalius College is located in the center of Brussels and is nestled against its parent university, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). As such, students enjoy the same privileges and facilities that VUB students do including access to sports facilities, cafeterias, classrooms, health services, libraries, etc. Vesalius College is conveniently located within walking distance of metro and train stations as well as tram and bus stops.


Brussels is known as the “Capital of Europe.” A city of approximately 2 million, it is the home of NATO and the European Commission. While largely francophone, Brussels has three national languages: French, Dutch, and German. Visitors will be fascinated by the international and multicultural nature of this “small big city,” but they may also be comforted by the fact that nearly everyone knows at least some English, which is one reason many tourists call Brussels one of Europe’s friendliest cities. Furthermore, Brussels’ relatively central location offers an ideal starting point for international travel. Brussels is only 162 miles from Paris, 198 miles from London, 194 miles from Frankfurt, and 108 miles from Amsterdam. Public transportation within as well as to and from Brussels is plentiful, well designed, and economical. For longer trips, students can find attractive fares on high-speed trains or discount airlines.


Please consider the following requirements when filling out the online application :

Participant Profile: REQUIRED
Host Request List:
º Placement: SELECT "Summer"
º Site: SELECT "ISEP Direct"
º Country: SELECT "Belgium"
º Institution: SELECT "Vesalius College"
º Program Type: SELECT "Regular University Courses"
Course Request List: For Course Name, enter "Social Entrepreneurship" and click the disc icon.
Language Proficiency: Are you planning to study at a host program where the primary language of instruction is different than your native language? SELECT "No."
Personal Statement: REQUIRED
Academic References: NOT REQUIRED
Transcript: REQUIRED

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