University of Tartu International Summer University Program

Three Universities Program — After the Empire: The Collapse of Communism and Beyond


Visit Estonia and Latvia, while learning about the crucial changes that occurred in these countries after the collapse of communism. This unique, interactive summer program takes students to three countries and three universities to explore social, economic, and judicial issues through lectures, discussions, and excursions. Cultural activities include visits to renowned historic sites, museums, art galleries, and theater performances.

Tallinn, Estonia; Riga, Latvia;

Language of Instruction: English

See Tartu's program page for more information

"Due to the uncertain situation in Ukraine, the last module of the programme in Kyiv has been replaced with
the 1st week module of the programme "European and Russian Relations: Social Dimension" in Tallinn, Estonia.
Please refer to Tartu's website for more information regarding the program and the new module."


ISEP-Direct Summer for all ISEP member students    


Participants spend one week in Estonia (Tartu), one week in Latvia (Riga), and one week in Estonia (Tallinn). Lectures by the professors of the participating universities are given in English on a variety of topics concerning social, political, economic, and judicial issues. Special seminars and meetings with diplomats, businessmen, and politicians are part of the program, as are visits to enterprises, governmental, and NGO institutions and/or media firms. The program awards 6 ECTS credits (usually equivalent to 3 US credits).

The content of the three weeks of lectures will be announced in Spring 2015. Any changes or updates to the program content or location will be available at that point.


I-to-I applicants who are not native English speakers must the ISEP Language Proficiency Report. Note: The host institution ultimately determines proficiency level and course eligibility.


See the Membership Directory for details.


Dates: end of June - mid July 2015 (tentative)


early May 2015




The program cost covers tuition, double-occupancy housing, and transportation during the program from Estonia to Latvia and to Ukraine. All housing is in renovated hostels or hotels. Bed linens, blankets, and towels are provided. NOTE: Cooking facilities are provided in Tallinn; however, meals are not included in the program cost.


Cultural excursions are part of the program and are outlined in the week-by-week Courses section above.


The program is offered by two leading universities in two different countries in the Baltic region:

University of Tartu — established in 1632 and one of the most well-known and oldest universities in the Baltic Sea area

University of Latvia — established in 1919 and listed as one of the leading universities in Latvia


The northernmost of the three Baltic States, Estonia has historically served as a crossroads between East and West. Situated on the shores of the Baltic Sea with a population of about 1.5 million, Estonia is slightly larger than Denmark. It also offers students a great case study of successful transition from Soviet past to democracy and recent accession to the European Union.

Latvia, on the Baltic Sea, shares borders with Estonia to the north, Lithuania to the south, and Russia and Belarus to the east. It is a central part of the Baltic States, with a population of 2.5 million people. As a result of the intense Russification during the Soviet occupation from 1945 to 1991, ethnic Latvians make up only 56 percent of the population. Riga, its capital, was founded in 1201 and is by far its largest city; it is also one of Latvia's major ice-free seaports that handles considerable shipping to and from Russia.


“The trip was a blast. I’d like to give a big thanks to ISEP and Mart Susi, who put on an incredible program!” – James Radcliffe, Whitworth University (Washington, USA)


Please consider the following requirements when filling out the online application :

Participant Profile: REQUIRED
Host Request List:
º Placement: SELECT "Summer"
º Site: SELECT "ISEP Direct"
º Country: SELECT "Estonia"
º Institution: SELECT "University of Tartu"
º Program Type: SELECT "After Empire: The Collapse of Communism and Beyond"
Course Request List: For Course Name, enter "After Empire" and click the disc icon.
Language Proficiency: Are you planning to study at a host program where the primary language of instruction is different than your native language? SELECT "No."
Personal Statement: REQUIRED
Academic References: ONE REQUIRED
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