Universidad Americana (UAM) Summer Program

Green Adventure


Learn environmental similarities and differences between the US and Nicaragua, travel to incredible natural settings, experience the vibrant realities of everyday life— in the safest, most biologically diverse and beautiful Central American country, Nicaragua. The "Green Adventure" program offered at Universidad Americana (UAM) allows you to experience all Nicaragua has to offer first-hand, through this unique summer session. You will have both classroom and field experiences that will expose you to a wide spectrum of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. All classes are conducted in English, making this program accessible to anyone!

Managua, Nicaragua

Language of Instruction: English


ISEP-Direct Summer for all ISEP member students    


This program offers students an opportunity to travel to different parts of Nicaragua. Students enrolled in this program will gain first-hand knowledge about environmental issues by experiencing them in the field, and learning about them in the classroom. Biological Sites and Reserves Map

Environmental and Natural Resources: (4 credits): Gain a strong understanding of the environmental issues that threaten nature in Nicaragua. The class will be held exclusively in different biological field stations and visits will include farms, forests, water treatment facilities, lakes, caves and other sites. Environmental and Natural Resources Syllabi and Tentative Calendar

Ecology (4 credit hours): Experience a wide spectrum of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Environmentalism and ecology are explored as both a theoretical and practical system. The class will be held primarily in biological field stations and activities will include visits to volcanoes, waterfalls, botanical gardens and coffee plantations, measuring trees and carbon capture, bird watching, etc. Ecology Syllabi and Tentative Calendar


When completing the Host Site Request List, please indicate the host site program name and if required, list your selected courses. Your entry may look like this example below:

1. UAM Green Adventure ISEP Direct


No Spanish required for Green Adventure, but basic Spanish skills are helpful to maximize the learning experience.


Mid-June - Early Aug, 2014


May 15, 2014


Green Adventure: $4,950


Students are housed with host families when in Managua and in different biological field stations when outside Managua. Students will eat meals with the family or in the biological sites and will receive a stipend to purchase meals when away from lodgings. Students can purchase lunch at the university's cafeteria.

Transportation Note: UAM will provide all transportation for the program, including between the host family and the university and all national travel during the program.


Green Adventure is a hands-on program consisting of adventure and extended stays in crater lakes, volcanoes, caving, dry tropical forest, wetlands, coastal estuaries, islands, turtle nesting beaches, canyons, waterfalls, and forest canopy, spending time in each area, talking to local authorities, park guards, and residents in order to witness and gain first-hand knowledge of the natural splendors of the wildlife.

Also included with the program fee is pre-departure information, airport pick up and drop off, and on-site orientation before each program.


Universidad Americana (UAM), a private institution of higher education, was founded in 1992 by a group of university professors who shared a dedication to the development and improvement of university education in Nicaragua. Nicaragua is the safest Central American country and traveling within the country is easy and affordable. Dozens of students from almost all of the continents have chosen to study at UAM as part of their academic careers. Universidad American (UAM) is located in the heart of the capital city of Managua in Camino de Oriente. Students have found Nicaragua and the UAM to be undiscovered secrets of the region.


Nicaragua is a country of contrasts, where exquisite natural beauty serves as backdrop for this nation's fascinating history. It is the land of lakes and volcanoes, of colonial architecture and modern high-rises of both rich and poor. Nicaragua is the perfect place to learn, live and experience the realities of the developing world. Nicaragua has become a great destination for foreign visitors. Its beaches and rain forests are full of natural adventures. In Nicaragua, every day will challenge your perception of the world.

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