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Programs and Costs

ISEP - Exchange Programs

ISEP-Exchange programs allow students from the USA and 51 other countries to exchange places at member universities for a semester or a year. There are two types of ISEP-Exchange programs:

1) US-International ISEP-Exchanges are between members in the USA and other countries (for example, Texas-France). All countries except India participate in US-International exchanges. These sites are marked with an E or E* in the Membership Directory.

2) International-to-International ISEP-Exchanges are between the members outside the USA (for example, Mexico-Finland). Not all ISEP members take part in International-International exchanges; see the list of participating institutions. These sites are marked with an I or I* in the Directory.

ISEP-Exchange Application/Placement Fee
(academic year, semester, or summer program)
Submitted with the application to your on-campus ISEP Coordinator. This fee is non-refundable unless ISEP is unable to place the applicant, in which case $100 of this fee is retained.

ISEP-Exchange Dual Application/Placement Fee
(two different consecutive semester or semester and summer programs)
Submitted with the online application to your on-campus ISEP Coordinator.  Two consecutive semester placements at different sites such as fall semester in Korea, followed by a spring semester in Thailand. Payable by check to ISEP and should be submitted with the application to your on-campus ISEP Coordinator. 
Dual ISEP-Exchange placements must be requested at the time of the initial application; if not, two separate $395* application fees are charged.
ISEP-Exchange & ISEP-Direct Dual Application/Placement Fee
For students applying for two consecutive programs; one semester or summer ISEP-Exchange and one semester or summer ISEP-Direct.
ISEP-Exchange Program Fee
(academic year, semester, or summer program)
Determined by your Home Institution
This fee is paid directly to your Home Institution.  Financial aid usually applies.  The fee is based on the cost of living and tuition at your home institution and covers tuition, fees, housing, 19 meals per week, pre-departure orientation, arrival orientation, and general student services at the host institution.
ISEP-Exchange Placement Extension Fee
Payable if you later decide to extend your ISEP-Exchange placement from a semester to a full-year placement. You will submit the fee with the request for extension documentation.
Academic Training Processing Fee
Payable if you later decide to participate in Academic Training. You will submit the fee with the Request for J-1 Academic Training Authorization.
Please talk to your on-campus ISEP Coordinator for complete details on fees and payment procedures.  Personal checks from students are acceptable, but should always be submitted to the on-campus ISEP Coordinator.  A fee of $30 will be assessed for returned checks. Applications are not processed until the applications fee is received. 

* Effective January 1st, 2015

Note: Application fees will be refunded in the case of applicants who are reservists and are called-up for active-duty military service.

ISEP Withdrawal Policy