Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover Summer Program

International Summer School of Economics and Management


Gain practical experience this summer in the center of Europe's economic powerhouse, Germany! This International Summer School invites students to spend 4 weeks in the "green metropolis" of Hannover, Germany. Students attend English lectures in Economics and Business, as well as learn about German language and culture, while being able to collect course credits. Field trips to surrounding German companies and optional excursions to Munich, the home of Oktoberfest, are offered.

Hannover, Germany

Language of Instruction: English


ISEP-Direct Summer for all US and I-to-I exchange member students


Each week, students participate in 3 lectures with 30 semester hours each.  Students may obtain 4 credits per class.
1. Business:  International Finance (Foreign Exchange Risk, Hedging, Country Risk Analysis, Financial Crisis, Lending Institutions in EM, Banking
2. Economics: The German Economy (German Labor Market, European Union, The Welfare State)
3. German Culture, Business and Language Class (4 excursions:  Nord/LB – a German bank domiciled in Hannover; Finanz IT – an IT financial service provider; the Landtag (State Parliament) of Lower Saxony; the Volkswagen Company


Participating students may receive up to 6 US credits for completion of the following components, depending on the policies of their home institution:

2 credits for the Business Administration module
2 credits for the Economics module
2 credits for the German Culture, Business, and Language Class

German Language and Culture:
German language courses have been a longstanding area of expertise at this university. The purest form of German is spoken in the Hannover region, making it an ideal place to learn the language. Intensive and engaging classes, close interaction with university faculty, and a vibrant campus life make learning German in Hannover fun, exciting, and effective. Note: Students are placed in language courses according to proficiency.


Eligible applicants must be Business or Economics majors who have completed 4 semesters of undergraduate study.  Participants can earn up to 12 ECTS (6 US credits) credits for completing 3 classes (4 ECTS each)  Students will have to pass a final exam in the Business and Economics modules, and are required to make presentations, prepare case studies, and submit homework referring to aspects of the cultural, economic, political, and education systems of Germany.

Please note that credits will be awarded depending on the home university's transfer policy.


No prior German is necessary. Applicants who are non-native English speakers must submit an ISEP Language Proficiency Report or alternate proof of proficiency in English.


See the Membership Directory for details.


July 19 - August 31, 2016


April 30, 2016




Students are housed in dormitory accommodations with a single private bedrooms and shared kitchen and bathroom areas. All rooms are completely furnished and are equipped with television and internet access.


Four excursions to leading German companies and institutions give insights into German business culture.  In addition, students can participate in an optional five-day excursion to Munich (the city of the “Oktoberfest”) The Hannover students will prepare an activity program for the international students.  It usually includes an excursion to another German city such as Hamburg and other activities in the Hannover region.


This diversity of academic and scientific disciplines combined with high-quality research and excellent study conditions make Hannover University an attractive study abroad destination. Facilities include libraries (the TIB technical library is among the largest and best in German), research centers, the center for water-waves experiments, the production engineering center, a computer center, a sports center, and a language center.


Hannover is the heart of a region of about 1.2 million people and is surrounded by beautiful lakes and green forests. The city itself houses many parks and idyllic gardens, adding to the city’s reputation for being a “green metropolis.” Hannover also boasts an attractive mixture of historic and modern architecture, especially in the old city center and its modern shopping areas.


Please consider the following requirements when filling out the online application :

Participant Profile: REQUIRED
Host Request List:
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º Site: SELECT "ISEP Exchange"
º Country: SELECT "Germany"
º Institution: SELECT "Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover"
º Program Type: SELECT "Regular University Courses"
Course Request List: For Course Name, enter "International Summer School of Economics and Management" and click the disc icon.
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