Justus-Liebig-Universitat Giessen Summer Program

Business and Law in Biotechnology, and German language study


This program covers topics in business, health, law, ethics, and the natural sciences. All courses are taught in English by internationally renowned academics and scientists. Optional German language courses are also offered at all levels. The program includes study tours to biotech companies and a three-day study tour to various European Union institutions in Brussels, Belgium.

Giessen, Germany

Language of Instruction: English



ISEP-Direct Summer for all ISEP member students


Students receive 9 ECTS credits for a total of 64 course hours. A transcript is issued by the university.
Day 1: Opening event (welcome address, games, tour of the city and campus)
Day 2–5: Courses in red and green biotechnology and elective German language courses. Evening social activities (i.e., bowling, karaoke, etc.)
Week 2–3: Courses in selected module
Specialized Module 1: Intellectual Property Rights – Business
Specialized Module 2: Intellectual Property Rights – Law
Week 4: Lectures, course evaluation, closing ceremonies

The program combines business, law and natural sciences lectures and seminars taught by internationally renowned scholars and practitioners. The program combines high-quality learning with a wide range of cultural and social activities. In addition to the academic courses, two on-site visits at international biotechnology companies and a three-day trip to Munich will add a more hands-on element to the content learned in class. Furthermore, students will attend German language courses on different levels in the afternoons. Recreational excursions during the weekends will show students some of the most beautiful places in Germany. Above all, studying abroad will help participants broaden their horizons by bringing them closer to foreign cultures, interact and share their diverse experiences and – most important – is fun! Students receive 9 ECTS credits for a total of 64 course hours. A transcript is issued by the university.


The program is taught in English with German language courses taught at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Levels are determined based on a language test conducted on the first day of class.


See the Membership Directory for details.


Mid July - Mid Aug, 2014


June 1, 2014




Students are housed in single rooms in a student residence hall. Meals are not included (except during study tours), but students receive a complimentary meal card worth EUR 50 for the university cafeterias. A gym membership is also included.


The program includes various activities and excursions. Approximately two events weekly are held and included in ISEP benefits. This includes karaoke, bowling, trips to the local Liebig Museum and weekend excursions to Frankfurt, hiking trips, wine tastings and boat trips.

Two on-site visits at biotechnology companies will give students the opportunity to get in touch with leading international professionals in the field and apply for internship programs. Participants will also take part in a three-day field trip to Munich. The Bavarian capital has much more to offer than its famous Oktoberfest. This trip includes visiting the European Patent Office and a sightseeing tour of Neuschwanstein castle. During the weekends the students will explore Frankfurt, Cologne and the Rhine river valley, including a boat trip followed by a wine tasting with some German delicacies.


Internships are available at biotech companies.


Founded in 1607, the University of Giessen is an international research university, with about 24,000 students and more than 4,000 members of staff. The university places great emphasis on being truly international. This is reflected not only in our multicultural research and study environment, but also in our strong partnerships with foreign institutions. The University of Giessen offers a dynamic and modern research environment with an increasing number of international students and faculty. Our research fellows and academic staff include members from a number of countries in Europe as well as overseas. Every year, numerous foreign students come to Giessen to attend our courses and, thus, contribute to the international environment on campus.


Giessen – a vibrant mix of history and modernity
With around 80,000 inhabitants, Giessen is a lively, vibrant and welcoming city. The largestudent population shapes Giessen’s physical appearance, its artistic and cultural scene,including numerous nightlife venues. Sophisticated shopping areas, vibrant bars and restaurants as well as the city theater are popular local attractions. In the summer, Giessen’s riverside restaurants and traditional beer gardens are an absolute must.

Any place in town can be reached fast and conveniently, whether by foot or by bus (which is free of charge for summer school participants). To satisfy the occasional urge for big-city life, a 40-minute train ride will get you to the financial capital of continental Europe, Frankfurt. To take a break from all the hustle and bustle, you can take full advantage of the natural beauty Giessen is known for. The city has several parks and a botanical garden maintained by the university, which is the oldest botanical garden in Germany. Several lakes nearby are ideal for swimming and water sports. Ancient monasteries and castles attract tourists from near and far. In Badenburg castle you can dine like a knight during the Middle Ages. Whatever your definition of a great time is – you will find it in Giessen!

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