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Student Handbook - Emergencies


In case of a medical emergency, the most important thing is to get immediate medical assistance. It will also help to make note of the following information beforehand.

Contact the insurance administrator, ASRM, LLC for questions about medical benefits, coverage, and claims:

Web: www.helpwithmyplan.com
Email: iees@asrmllc.com
Toll-free in the USA: +(1) 844-898-8944
Overseas call collect: +(1) 856-380-1213

UHC Global for questions about assistance services, such as medical evacuation, repatriation, and medical referrals outside the USA:

ISEP ID: 319691
Web: www.uhcglobal.com
Email: assistance@uhcglobal.com
Toll-free in the USA: +(1) 800-527-0218
Overseas call collect: +(1) 410-453-6330

ISEP will call your home and/or host coordinator and ask them to get in touch with your family if they do not already know about your emergency, or ISEP will contact your family directly if appropriate. If the emergency involves hospitalization, surgery, or other major medical expenses, ISEP will also contact IEES and continue to stay in touch with all parties concerned as needed.


Off-Campus Emergencies: Students should contact their host ISEP Coordinator first then call ISEP-Central at (+1) (703) 504-9960.

Civil Disorder or Unrest, or a Campus Strike: In the event of civil disorder or unrest or a campus strike, ISEP coordinators should provide students with accurate information and advise them about what they should and should not do. As soon as possible, coordinators will inform ISEP-Central of the situation. ISEP will monitor the situation and try to determine if and when normal conditions will be restored or whether the situation requires that a program be suspended or cancelled.

Major Civil or International Unrest: In the event of major civil or international unrest, US students should stay in touch with the American embassy or nearest consulate in their host country. International students should contact the embassy or consulate of their home country.

Military Service: Placement fees will be refunded in the case of ISEP students called to active-duty military service.