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ISEP Health Insurance

Questions regarding purchase, enrollment, or cancellation should be addressed to ISEP.

Questions regarding benefits, coverage, and claims should be addressed to the insurance administrator, ASRM. Questions regarding assistance services such as medical evacuation, repatriation, and medical referrals outside the USA should be addressed to UHC Global.

Enroll in ISEP Health Insurance

Before enrolling, please familiarize yourself with the insurance program by reading through ALL the information provided in the links on the left and the notes below.

Coverage Dates
The ISEP Information System pre-determines your coverage dates so that you are fully covered for your host programís benefit dates as listed on your IIS. You will be permitted to add 1 month of coverage before or 1 month of coverage after the pre-determined enrollment dates (this is so that you are covered for periods of personal travel before and/or after your program). If you have questions about the dates you are required or permitted to enroll in, please contact our student insurance department at insurance@isep.org for further assistance. Please note, the ISEP insurance cannot be prorated in less than full month increments.

Paying online
Payment for the full amount of coverage is required at the time of enrollment. You will need to pay your insurance cost online with a credit card as part of the enrollment process. ISEP accepts most major credit cards.

If you cannot pay online
Please contact your home ISEP coordinator and request an ISEP student health insurance enrollment form. Do not continue below with online enrollment. You will need to either fax or mail this form with payment to ISEP.

Important Notes Before Enrolling

  1. You will need your ISEP Information System User ID and Password to access the enrollment page. If you do not have this information, please contact webis@isep.org
  2. After completing enrollment and payment online, click the "Return to ISEP" button.
  3. Once you are redirected back to the ISEP site, click the "Get Card" link on the right side of the screen; this will download your ID card(s). Print this document.
  4. You must use a computer which has Adobe Reader.
  5. For best performance, use Internet Explorer as your browser.

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