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ISEP Health Insurance

Questions regarding purchase, enrollment, or cancellation should be addressed to ISEP.

Questions regarding benefits, coverage, and claims should be addressed to the insurance administrator, IEES. Questions regarding assistance services such as medical evacuation, repatriation, and medical referrals outside the USA should be addressed to FrontierMEDEX.

Health Insurance

ISEP Student Health Insurance

Maintaining good health and protecting yourself against any unforeseen medical emergencies while you are abroad is very important.  Therefore, before you can accept your ISEP placement, you and any accompanying dependents are required to enroll in the ISEP Student Health Insurance Program, except if noted.

Important!  Benefits are not provided for treatment received in your home country, so please note that this coverage will not pay benefits before your departure or once you return home.

Identification Card

After your enrollment and payment are processed online, you must click “Return to ISEP” link where you will be redirected to Insurance Enrollment pages. You will receive two identification cards* in an ADOBE format: The BCS Medical Insurance Card and the FrontierMEDEX Assistance Services Card. Please print these pages and make copies of them. Keep the originals somewhere safe, for example with your passport, and carry the other copies with you at all times (or cut out the card portions of the enrollment pages, and carry them with you). If you need replacement cards, please email insurance@isep.org

Please note: if you have lost the cards, you may still receive medical treatment and file claims.

Click here for additional Health Insurance Enrollment Requirements
*Students who enroll in an MER only plan will only receive ther Frontier MEDEX card.