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Study in the USA


Working in the USA

A part-time job or internship in the USA can be a great addition to your academic program. This experience can help you improve your language ability and professional vocabulary, develop skills, and build your resume.

Although ISEP doesn't place you in a job, permission can be granted so you can legally work in the USA.

Working should not be necessary to support yourself during your ISEP program. It is expected that you will have sufficient financial means to participate in an ISEP exchange without the need to work. Your host institution will cover tuition, housing and meals and other required fees. Students must have enough money to pay for incidental expenses, such as books, laundry, entertainment, local transportation, health insurance deductibles, etc.

Any type of work must be approved by ISEP before you begin employment. There are two options:

Employment During the Semester >>

Academic Training After Your Program >>