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University of Ghana
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AKWAABA to Ghana!

Located along the sunny, western coast of Sub-Saharan Africa, Ghana prides itself on being one of the most peaceful, travel-friendly, and welcoming countries in the world. As the second country to obtain independence from colonial rule and as a global leader in the cocoa and gold industries, Ghana represents great stability and is a prototype of a quickly growing economy on the African continent. Though English is the official language, the country has an abundance of local languages. Ghana welcomes YOU with blaring hip-life music in the streets, screaming football fanatics, famously bright fabrics and cloths, bustling shopping markets, endless sunshine and tranquilizing beaches. AKWAABA to Ghana!

"The Ghanaians are hospitable, creative, and family-oriented. If you allow yourself to immerse, take chances, attempt to learn the language, you will dig deeply into this amazing country's history, culture (both traditional and modern), and meet people who will change your life."
- ISEP student Spring 2009
University of Ghana

Located in the suburb of Legon, the University of Ghana (UG) is one of the highest peaks in the Greater Accra region, overlooking the capital city of Accra! One of the premium universities in West Africa, UG has a reputation of progressiveness, excellence and quality education. Spotted miles away for its striking uniformed red roofing, students find that UG becomes their home away from home, where their academic quests and cultural interests collide.

Volunteer in Ghana and Engage with the Community

Ghana offers the unique experience of applying your academic, professional, or personal interests in the local community through volunteer programs. There are several opportunities for ISEP students to work alongside champions in community development in greater Accra, focusing on education, health, child development, civil preservation, the environment, and disabled populations.

Some of the organizations that students may choose from are:
Beacon House Children's Home
Mawuvio's Outreach Programme
Global Civic Preservation
New Horizon Special School
West African AIDS Foundation

Program Highlights

In addition to the opportunity to volunteer while you study abroad, the University of Ghana program offers a number of perks and cultural activities, including:

Students on the program share a room in the International Students Hostel and receive a stipend for meals; those who want to up the immersion experience have the option of living with a Ghanaian student.

Looking for an athletic outlet? Team sports such as basketball, swimming, volleyball, and soccer are all available, and as an added bonus, participation often includes travel to other West African countries or other cities in Ghana for competition.

"It was awesome to see things I would not have gone to on my own. I am impressed with the quality of the trips with such a large group." - ISEP student Spring 2011

Meet your ISEP Coordinators:

Theresa Kwakye, known to ISEP students as "Auntie Theresa" is the on-site Resident Director at the University of Ghana. She has worked with international students traveling to/from Ghana for over twenty years. With the help of her assistant, Susan Akpebu, the two form a dynamic duo that will ensure that students have a phenomenal experience in Ghana!

"Theresa made sure we were all able to get what we wanted and needed out of our experience. She made herself available whenever I needed her." - ISEP student Spring 2011
"Susan was very helpful with my navigation around Accra via tro-tro and buses, so I didn't get lost so much. She also spent a great deal of time helping me with visas" - ISEP student Spring 2011

Academic Information:

Many students enroll in and enjoy courses in African Studies, West African Music and Dance, African History, Social Work and Theology. Other appropriate courses include geography and resource development, agriculture and social sciences. Click on the name of each school or faculty below to see a full list of subjects offered.

"Performing arts and music were so much fun and honestly the most challenging and time consuming for me." ISEP student Spring 2011

"I recommend history because there are a lot of diverse classes students would not be able to take at home available plus it's cool to learn about the history of the cities you will be travelling to." ISEP student Spring 2011

School of Administration

Banking & Finance
Business Administration
Health Services Administration
Human Services Management
Management studies
Marketing & Customer Management
Organization & Human Resource Management
Operation Management & Management Information
Public Administration

Faculty of Agriculture

Agricultural economics & agribusiness
Agricultural engineering
Agricultural extension
Animal science
Crop science
Soil science

Faculty of Arts

Modern languages: [Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, Swahili]
Theater arts

Faculty of Science

Computer science
Nutrition & Food Science
Oceanography & Fisheries

Faculty of Social Studies

African Studies
Geography & Resource Development
Home Science
Information Studies
Political Science
Social Work

Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Faculty of Engineering Sciences
Biomedical Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Computer Engineering