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About Chile
Country Handbook

Soak up the Colors of Chile

Discover Chile's welcoming people, beautiful beaches and some of the region's finest vineyards. Explore the Atacama Dester in the North; the Pacific coastal region to the West; the Andes mountains to the East; and glaciers, fjords and lakes in the South. Enjoy an amazing array of fresh seafood, read world famous literature by Pablo Neruda and Isabel Allende and perfect your Spanish in Latin America’s most economically and politically stable country.

Chances of Placement

Chances of an ISEP-Exchange placement are fair, although some sites in Chile have very limited space. Applicants should also consider other Spanish-language sites.

Chances of placement for ISEP-Direct at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Valparaíso are excellent for students with the required level of Spanish proficiency.