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About Canada
Country Handbook

Thinking of a multicultural destination with an array of academic fields, endless outdoor activities, and stunning scenic vistas? Think Canada!

Canada is close to home, yet bridges the cultural crossroads of British and French heritage. With classes in English or French, you can gain valuable international research experience for your resume. In addition to the traditional academic fields, enhance your learning experience with the folklore, history, and literature of Native Canadian cultural studies.

While in Canada, you’ll have access to the world’s best outdoor activities, like downhill skiing, snowshoeing, ice hockey or curling. Catch a close-up view of the country’s spectacular landscapes or check out the metropolitan scene in Toronto, Niagara Falls, or Vancouver. Enjoy all the diversity Canada has to offer for your ISEP experience.

Chances of Placement

Thompson Rivers Univ. Univ. of Regina Laurentian University Brock University

Chances of ISEP-Exchange placement for U.S. students are good.

ISEP-Exchange placements for International students are very limited.
Please see the Guide for Applying to International ISEP Sites.