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Universidad de Palermo

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UP, an urban campus, is located in the neighborhood of Palermo, Buenos Aires. Many of the embassies, squares, beautiful parks, museums, and cultural centers are located in Palermo, whose main avenues feature a variety of shops, restaurants, pubs and movie theaters.

ISEP Exchange: undergraduate and graduate programs available for single semesters only
ISEP Direct: undergraduate and graduate programs available for an academic year or semester

ISEP-Exchange for International students.
ISEP-Exchange for US students.
ISEP-Direct site for students from all member institutions.

Chance of Placement
ISEP Exchange chance of placement for US students is generally Fair.
ISEP Exchange chance of placement for I-to-I students is generally Fair.
For the most current chances of placement, see the Sites Open for Applications for US Students or Sites Open for I-to-I Applications.

ISEP Direct chance of placement is Excellent.

Program Dates
Academic year: March through December
Semester 1: March through July
Semester 2: August through December
Please note that this site observes the Southern Hemisphere academic calendar. If you want to study for a full-year in the southern hemisphere, consider starting your program at the beginning of their academic year in February or March. Some institutions offer annual rather than semester courses. For southern hemisphere programs, ISEP benefits do apply during the recess between semesters (June-July), whereas they do NOT apply between the end of one academic year and the beginning of a new academic year (December to February-March).

Information about ISEP Direct fees and deadlines.

The ISEP-Direct program fee includes the benefit package for: Tuition, Housing, Meals and Insurance

ISEP-Direct Program fees:
U.S. Full Year 16-17: $26,050
U.S. Semester 1 16-17: $13,550
U.S. Semester 2 16-17: $13,950

For priority consideration, applications for the following semester should be received before February 15 and September 1 unless otherwise noted. Rolling admissions are considered for ISEP-Direct before these final application deadlines:
SM1: May 15, 2016
SM2: November 15, 2016

Fast Facts
Capital Federal, Argentina (pop. 12 million)
Student Enrollment: 13,000 including 3,100 international students
Language of instruction: Spanish
University Home Page

School of Architecture: Architecture; School of Law: Law (Juris Doctor equivalent); School of Social Sciences: Art History, Psychology, Political Science, International Relations, Individualized Studies, Education, Journalism; School of Design and Communication: Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Production, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Packaging Design, Editorial Design, Design Information, Comics Design, Furniture Design, Costumes Design, Scenery, e-Design, Events Planning, Advertising, Public Relations, Art Direction, Theater Direction, Film and TV, Photography, Screenplay; School of Engineering: Computer Science, Networks and Data Communication, Management and Systems, Industrial Engineering, Informatics, Industrial Informatics; School of Business: Accounting, Business Administration, Economics and Finance, Entertainment and Media, Hospitality Management, Human Resources, International Business, Management, Tourism.

Courses for Graduate (Masters) Level
Masters in Law. Masters in Law and Business, Master in Psychology and Health, Ph.D in Psychology, Master in Higher Education, Ph.D in Higher Education, Masters in Design, Masters in Information Technology, Digital TV, MBA.

Academic Notes
The fields most appropriate for ISEP students are Art, Business, Design, Latin American Studies and Literature, Psychology, and Social Sciences.

Students can also choose from courses in the Latin American Cultural Identity Program designed for international students focusing on regional studies.

Students typically enroll in 5 classes per term which averages to 15 hours in class per week. A term runs for 16 weeks.


Transcripts are generally released by August - September for Semester 1 and by February - March for Semester 2. Full year transcripts are sent as per the final semester. Transcripts are sent to ISEP and then immediately released to the student’s home institution if there are no outstanding financial obligations.

Language Notes
Language Requirement: A minimum of 5 semesters of university-level Spanish or the equivalent must be completed prior to program.
Language Courses: Intensive Spanish language courses are offered in addition to regular classes during the academic year or semester for Intermediate and Advanced levels.

For more information on courses and language options, see the:
ISEP Spanish Language Advising Guide for US Students
ISEP Spanish Language Advising Guide for I-to-I Students

Note: The host institution ultimately determines your proficiency level and course eligibility.

Special ISEP Application Instructions

ALL applications MUST include a Language Proficiency Report (LPR) regardless of language level or having a background as a native/heritage speaker.

Hints for Researching Courses
1. Go to the Carreras page to find a list of the majors offered at UP.
2. Under each Facultad, click on the carreras (majors) to see its general description, syllabus, professors, courses, among other useful information.
3. On the next page, click on "Plan de Estudios" to see courses offered by semester.
4. If you are studying March-July, only the classes listed in the ODD-NUMBERED semesters will be available to you. If you are studying August-December, only the classes listed in the EVEN-NUMBERED semesters will be available to you. The annual courses are year-long courses instructed during the Southern Hemisphere academic full year (March – December)

Note: The courses may not be available each semester. Some courses are full-year only (March-December) and these are known as annual. Upon receipt of your application, the ISEP coordinator at UP will confirm whether or not your desired courses are available during your requested study period.

Housing and Meals
Students are housed either with host families or in a student residence. Host families/Student Residences will provide breakfast and dinner from Monday to Friday and students will receive a stipend to purchase meals at lunch and on the weekends. Married student housing is available for an extra fee. Upon acceptance students will be given the choice between a host family or a student residence.


You are responsible for all of your personal expenses including: optional fees (e.g. computer, language, science lab fees), books, local transportation, entertainment, etc. The amount below is provided as a guide; the actual amount needed will vary depending on courses and personal habits. Your personal expenses per month, including books, are estimated at $350 - $500 USD.

There is a 2-part Orientation:
1. Orientation within the City: transportation system, currency issues, banking and bank location, telephone calls, safety issues, etc.
2. Orientation at Universidad de Palermo: transportation to and from the university, location of the six schools within the urban campus, library location, registration, meeting with professors and authorities, class schedule and rooms, internet access, e-mail address at the University of Palermo, sports facilities, etc.


Students are not picked up at the airport. Host will provide arrival directions with acceptance packet.

Founded in 1986 and granted official status as a private university in 1990, Universidad de Palermo (UP) has become one of the most innovative and vigorous educational institutions of Argentina. The library is the center of academic life at the university. Campus research centers include the Center for Research in Architecture and Laboratory for Research in Urban Architecture and City Planning, Management Research Center, Center for Legal Postgraduate Studies, and the Center for Communication Studies and Visual Research. Total enrollment: 13,000 including 2,400 international students.