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About Argentina
Country Handbook

Experience Argentina!

Argentina is a traveler's paradise with a blend of European and South American traditions that form a unique heritage all its own. By studying at an ISEP member university in Argentina, you have the chance to discover more of what the country has to offer. Argentina is home to stunning architecture, a thriving rock music scene, a popular film industry and world-renowned works of art and literature. From Iguazú Falls in the Northeast to the rugged peaks of the Andes mountain range in the West, and from the glaciers of the South to the breathtaking beaches of the Atlantic coast, you will never run out of places to explore in Argentina.

Chances of Placement

Chances of an ISEP-Exchange placement are good.

Chances of an ISEP-Direct placement at Universidad Católica de Córdoba, Universidad Blas Pascal, Universidad de Palermo, and Universidad del Salvador are excellent for students with the required level of Spanish proficiency.