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About Turkey
Country Handbook

Explore Turkey, the Cultural Crossroads of Eastern and Western Civilization

Inhabited since Neolithic times and fought over for millennia due to its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, the area that is now modern Turkey was founded in 1923 shortly after the fall of the once powerful Ottoman Empire. An intoxicating mix of ancient and new, east and west, it’s not uncommon to find yourself sipping tea and haggling for spices in the morning before resting up for an evening of clubs and cocktails with new found friends. Turks are justifiably proud of their past but even more excited for their future as they work towards full membership in the European Union, an ever-expanding role in regional politics and continued economic growth.

Ankara is Turkey’s political capital but with over 13 million inhabitants Istanbul is considered Turkey’s cultural and financial capital and is currently experiencing an upswing in new art museums, designer shops, boutique hotels, buzz-worthy restaurants and jet-setting clubs. Although no longer a hidden tourist treasure, there is still much to discover in Turkey and now may be a better time to do so than ever.

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