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About United Kingdom
Country Handbook

England, Northern Ireland and Scotland

From the historic shorelines of the southern coast to the vibrant midlands in the heart of England, the United Kingdom offers something for everyone. Discover more than haggis and bagpipes in Scotland. Gain an inside perspective on the culture and history of Northern Ireland. With ISEP, you can experience authentic cultural immersion in a strong academic tradition across a wide variety of fields. Integrate yourself in the community - join campus clubs, meet new friends at the pub, or volunteer in a career related field. Become one of the locals.

Chances of Placement

U. of East London

All sites are highly limted for ISEP-Exchange. Applicants should strongly consider applying for an ISEP-Direct program in the UK, or investigate other English-language sites available on an exchange basis as an alternative. Please refer to the list of Sites Open for Applications for more information on openings at individual sites.

There is an excellent chance of placement at all ISEP-Direct sites.