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About United Kingdom
Country Handbook

England, Northern Ireland and Scotland

Explore narrow cobblestone alleyways that wind through Georgia, Art Nouveau and modern architectures in Scotland. Experience stunning views of the Causeway Coast, an area of coastline pocketed with deep glens and forest parks, where outdoor enthusiasts can hike, bike and surf in Northern Ireland. In England, study the historic impact of a land whose law and government structures have influenced many societies, and continues to have a modern-day presence in world politics.

Chances of Placement

U. of East London

All sites are highly limted for ISEP-Exchange. Applicants should strongly consider applying for an ISEP-Direct program in the UK, or investigate other English-language sites available on an exchange basis as an alternative. Please refer to the list of Sites Open for Applications for more information on openings at individual sites.

There is an excellent chance of placement at all ISEP-Direct sites.