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About Netherlands
Country Handbook

The Netherlands has a unique cultural identity, and it's central location serves as an easy hub from which to explore the rest of Europe. In addition to the Netherlands' traditional windmills, canals, bicycles and tulips, you'll find a dynamic economy, state-of-the-art technology, rich cultural treasures and a lively contemporary social scene. Marvel at timeless artwork at the Rembrandt House and the Van Gogh Museum, or hop on a bike and explore a country dedicated to making the most of its open streets.

Chances of Placement

Placement chances for U.S. students are fair at most sites. Some programs have entrance requirements. Please contact the ISEP program officer for information on sites recommended for U.S. sophomores.

Chance of placements for International students is very limited.

Chances of placement in the ISEP-Direct progams at Leiden University are excellent.