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About Switzerland
Country Handbook

Wilkommen and Bonjour in Switzerland!

Snow-covered Alpine peaks, geopolitical neutrality, high-tech watches, gourmet chocolate, yodeling mountaineers, and sophisticated banking are the Switzerland you know. However, ISEP’s Swiss institutions offer exciting academic and extracurricular opportunities to immerse yourself in the dynamic, youthful, and high-tech Switzerland that you have yet to discover.

Through ISEP, you can explore the linguistic diversity of the Confederation by studying at Fribourg, Europe’s only French- and German-speaking university. Or you can perfect your skiing and sailing skills while mastering your French along the majestic lake town of Lausanne. For those interested in studying politics in German and economics in English while watching high profile politics and economics unfold before your eyes, there is no better place than the capital city of Bern.

French Options at-a-Glance for US Students

French Options at-a-Glance for International Students

German Language Advising Chart

German Options at-a-Glance

Chances of Placement

Universitat Bern Universite de Fribourg Universite de Lausanne Universitat Zurich

Chances of placement in Switzerland are generally good, especially for students with high proficiency in French or German. Lausanne may be limited due to high demand for the full-time language program. Zurich may be limited for students with low language proficiency.