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About Switzerland
Country Handbook

Wilkommen and Bonjour in Switzerland!

Snow-covered Alpine peaks, high-tech watches, gourmet chocolate and savory cheeses are only a few of the things you can expect to experience in Switzerland. Its geopolitical neutrality has made it a popular headquarters for many international organizations and businesses. The hospitality of its people and distinct mountainous regions also make it a popular tourist destination. Ski in the white alps, boat on the sparkling Lake Geneva or eat like the Swiss by consuming 23 pounds of chocolate per year.

French Options at-a-Glance for US Students

French Options at-a-Glance for International Students

German Language Advising Chart

German Options at-a-Glance

Chances of Placement

Universitat Bern Universite de Fribourg Universite de Lausanne Universitat Zurich

Chances of placement in Switzerland are generally good, especially for students with high proficiency in French or German. Lausanne may be limited due to high demand for the full-time language program. Zurich may be limited for students with low language proficiency.