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ISEP Ambassadors
Activity Guidelines and Ideas

Student Ambassadors

ISEP Ambassador Program: Building on Your Experience of a Lifetime

Studying abroad can be a transformative experience for launching your career, but it’s up to you to demonstrate the relevance of your global skills to future employers. The ISEP Ambassador Program provides a structured opportunity to promote international education on your campus while demonstrating transferable career skills essential for building your résumé. ISEP Ambassadors serve in a variety of ways to help recruit study abroad participants and welcome international students to your culture. By documenting your activities as an ISEP Ambassador, you can create a strong career portfolio that demonstrates professional marketability in a wide variety of fields.

The ISEP Ambassador Program is a selective, semester-long program that, at this time, is open to U.S. students who have recently participated in an ISEP program abroad. The Program requires your enthusiastic commitment through participation in social media and on-campus activities in agreement with your home ISEP Coordinator. Additionally, all Ambassadors are expected to engage with other Ambassadors from across the country and with ISEP Central staff through regular virtual meetups and interaction over an online platform. Ambassadors also agree to make their email address available to others who may be interested in learning about their experience and host site .

Benefits of the ISEP Ambassador Program

Student Ambassadors

Professional development: Each core component of the ISEP Ambassador Program focuses on a separate area in which you can demonstrate initiative and professional skills for your résumé. The ‘Tips to Get Started’ include several ideas for activities you can organize to promote international education on your campus. Your record of your activities throughout the semester is a great resource toward building your career portfolio for job interviews. At the end of the program, your home ISEP Coordinator or ISEP Team Leader may be able to provide a letter of recommendation based on your performance.

Personal development: Studying abroad is often a life-changing experience. Not only have you been immersed in another culture, and possibly another language, but you've most likely also learned a great deal about yourself. By reflecting on what you gained abroad and sharing this with others, you can maximize your personal development and make a difference in the lives of other students worldwide.

How to apply

1. Complete Online-Application

2. Receive Approval from Your ISEP Coordinator at Your Home Institution

Just like you, I returned from studying abroad so excited to share my international experiences with students from my home campus. In fact, many of the things I did as a study abroad ambassador—speaking at freshmen orientation seminars, writing articles for my school newspaper, and organizing a campus-wide celebration for International Education Week— provided the first steps toward launching my career in international education. Because I know firsthand the impact this role can play in developing your résumé and professional skills, I want to personally encourage you to make the most of your opportunity as an ISEP Ambassador.

Lori Riley
Former Director of Marketing & Communications, ISEP