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2012 Symposium

Past ISEP Events

"Collaboration, Creativity and Communication: Leveraging the ISEP Network".

ISEP Symposium Roundtable Topics

Monday, April 16, 2012 (broad international education):

- Afternoon 1

. Collaboration - Study abroad in a global world

While studying abroad can be an exciting and enriching experience, unfamiliar academic settings can at the same time entail unexpected cultural challenges and obstacles. How can we best prepare and support students and raise their awareness for cultural plurality? Which students need intercultural preparation, and can these skills even be trained in advance? Do re-entry programs work and could they help non-mobile students benefit from their peers?

. Creativity - Accommodating students with physical and psychological disabilities

This roundtable will discuss how campuses and coordinators deal with the challenges surrounding students with physical or psychological disorders and their various needs, made more challenging by intercultural differences and attitudes towards these disabilities. How should we talk with students about medication, the law, the national attitudes, and how does intercultural miscommunication further these issues? What is considered a disability and how do laws impact our work with students? How can we prepare students in advance? What to do in an emergency?

. Communication - Social media and study abroad

Communication is one of the key elements of a university of today. Due to the fact that Social Media has become part of our daily life, this round table will discuss how we can use it in our professional daily routines. Does the university need an official Facebook fan page or should each staff member be available via Twitter? Does an organization have to provide a Weblog or a Google+ company site? Is Foursquare a necessity to get in touch with students? There are many questions concerning the topic Social Media use for Higher Education, and this round table will be a central point where advantages as well as disadvantages are discussed to give a future perspective.

- Afternoon 2

. Collaboration - Comparing Apples and Oranges: Commonalities and Differences in Higher Education in the US and the Bologna Region

This roundtable will discuss the little differences that you cannot see on the surface but that do create confusion and misunderstandings; such as "Bologna degree" or quality assurance.

. Creativity - Best practices on integration and the immersion experience

We all know that ISEP offers immersion opportunities through exchange. However, this experience can be hindered when students stick with those they feel comfortable with and are similar to. Is this because these students have a harder time adjusting to and integrating into actual host culture? This roundtable will offer suggestions to help students integrate more fully into the immersion experience.

. Communication - Managing Expectations and Best Practices with Parents

Parents are increasingly becoming an involved participant in the study abroad experience for their students. How should we communicate with parents, what is expected, and how do these expectations vary by country? What information do parents need up front that might help alleviate future interaction? Furthermore, while students are abroad, they are often telling their parents one thing and telling the host another (double discourse) when the truth often lies somewhere in the middle. ISEP offers a Parent Handbook that can guide our discussion.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 (ISEP-specific topics):

- Morning 1

. Collaboration - Crisis Management and how ISEP makes decisions

This roundtable will discuss how and when crises impact the viability of exchange. How are decisions made at ISEP, what information is collected, and how is this information disseminated to the Network? ISEP has a long history in the field of international education and is very connected with coordinators at host schools, placing ISEP in the position to be a leader for the Network as well as the industry in this regard.

. Creativity - How to creatively market ISEP on our campuses?

When there are many choices for students to go abroad, how can we market ISEP more effectively on our campuses? What resources do we have? What resources do we need? Could we look at specific target audiences, such as students with diverse backgrounds? This roundtable will brainstorm ideas as well as share what has worked at each of our schools.

. Communication - Summer Schools – developing marketing tools for more visibility among the network

This roundtable will be a philosophical discussion about summer and short-term programs because ISEP has always preferred full year or semester exchange. However, over the years, students (especially those in non-traditional fields of study abroad) are looking for shorter term programs. ISEP is moving in a direction of offering more summer programs. How does this fit into the overall vision of ISEP? Where should these programs be offered? And what are the potential benefits for ISEP and the Network to offer such programs?

- Morning 2

. Collaboration - In times of budget cuts how can ISEP members work together to co-host more networking/outreach events?

We are all experiencing tighter budgets which can make paying for exposure at larger events more difficult. However, can the ISEP Network be an outlet for partnership which could lead to cost savings for everyone? This roundtable will be a forum to discuss ways that members can leverage the ISEP Network for meaningful professional development. A few examples will be given for how this has happened in the past and suggestions for ways to make this happen in the future.

. Creativity - How to assess study abroad, more specifically the ISEP experience?

The climate at many universities is demanding that academic programs be assessed for the achievement of learning outcomes. What are institutions doing to assess student learning on study abroad and how are they using the data? What are the relevant competencies that we think student should get from the ISEP experience?

. Communication - The new ISEP database is here! Take a tour and find out what other technology innovations are on the horizon, like on-line applications

ISEP has launched a new database that impacts us all. Come to this session to get a tour of the database, how you need to interact with it, and tools for finding what you need. You'll also be able to hear what the next steps in technology at ISEP will be, including on-line applications. Additionally, we will discuss forms of communication we can use to contact ISEP for help as these changes are implemented.

Please Note: Tentative schedule and program descriptions subject to change.

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