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Money is always a concern for students who are considering studying abroad. This scholarship helped me ease my mind from the stress of money, and focus more on my studies. I was always told that I could study abroad only if I could find a way to fund my studies. This scholarship was, for me, the key to my dream.
Tina Walston, 2004-05 to Université Paul Valéry (Montpellier III), France

I had a very good experience studying abroad, so I want to help lead more people toward a similar experience. Also, my experience abroad was made much better by the local student mentors at my host university. I want to help provide that kind of service to international students at my university.
Nick Such, Spring 2006 to Hungary

I am a first-generation college student from a single-parent household. …Thanks to the Annette Kade Scholarship, I am the first person in my family to study abroad, to travel overseas, and to speak a foreign language fluently!
Ashley Maynor, 2002-2003 to
Université de Paul Valéry, France

This program has made me consider changing my plans for graduate school. I would possibly like to attend grad school in Korea, if I can afford it.
Douglas Bullion, 2004-2005

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ISEP member colleges and universities, and embassies and nonprofit organizations, expand your visibility and support ISEP in the vital role it plays in promoting understanding and tolerance of differences among peoples and cultures through student exchange and study abroad.

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ISEP will recognize your kind contributions on the ISEP Web site and Annual Report. See a list of current ISEP Partners.

ISEP Publications ($1,000 and up)

For great visibility, sponsor an ISEP publication. There are many to choose from, including brochures, the Participant Handbooks, used by all ISEP students and campus administrators

ISEP Alumni Development Fund

Over 34,000 U.S. and international students have participated in ISEP programs. Many have expressed an interest in retaining ties with the organization and their peers in order to continue to share knowledge gained from their exchange and study abroad experiences and to explore career opportunities. New technologies now give ISEP the opportunity not only to develop, but also to sustain an ISEP alumni and career services network.

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ISEP Scholarship Programs ($5,000)

Support ISEP and Sponsor a Scholar: ISEP will award a "top-up" scholarship, in your company's name, for every $5,000 you donate to ISEP. ISEP's primary placement model, reciprocal exchanges -- a system pioneered by ISEP and later adopted by many exchange programs -- reduces the financial barriers to study abroad. ISEP awards top-up scholarships to offset the additional expenses for travel, incidentals, and in some cases, lost work-study wages. Scholarship criteria: academic excellence, leadership potential and/or underserved student groups including racial/ethnic minorities, low-income, disabled, rural, and first generation college students.

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For more information and to share your ideas for joint activities with ISEP, please contact Karlene Masters by e-mail at or by phone at (703) 504-9960.