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Publications for Direct Coordinators and Students

The downloadable documents are available as Adobe Acrobat files (PDF). They can be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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ISEP-Direct Brochures and Flyers
Field of Study Brochures
Highlighted Program Flyers

ISEP Direct Brochures & Flyers
ISEP-Direct Catalog ISEP Direct Catalog (2014-2015) (43.7 MB) The new ISEP Direct Catalog has been updated with program costs, charts to cross-compare ISEP programs, large maps, and student stories. View and share it online here, or print the PDF (Updated September 2013)
ISEP-Direct Catalog ISEP-Direct Summer Study Abroad Guide (2.8 MB) The 2013 ISEP Summer Direct Programs Guide is a 4 page document including all ISEP Direct program options (with costs), English and Host Language programs, and internships. There is a customizable field for you to type in your Study Abroad Office's contact information on the front page. This flyer can be printed, and/or posted on your website. (Updated January 2013)
ISEP-Direct Catalog Study Abroad with ISEP Direct Flyer (2.09 MB) This 8 ½" x 11" flyer lists all of the countries within ISEP's Direct membership, as well as general information about studying abroad with ISEP. There is a customizable field for you to type in your Study Abroad Office's contact information at the bottom. This flyer can be printed, or posted on your website. (Updated January 2013)
ISEP Affiliate Poster ISEP-Direct Poster This general poster can be printed for use around campus. Useful for posting on bulletin boards in departments, cafeterias, dormitories, student center, gym, as well as your office or fair. You can print additional copies in-house, or distribute to students electronically. (Updated August 2010)
english Study in English
Color (4.07 MB)

A chart outlining international ISEP-Direct study opportunities with courses taught in English. Must be printed on 11”x17” ledger paper and then should be folded in half.
US Quick Picks 2011-12 Quick Picks (9.2 MB) Are your students ready to study abroad but can’t decide where to go? These ISEP-Exchange sites have good chances of placement, and the ISEP-Direct sites feature nontraditional academic programs. Flyers can be printed for study abroad fairs or distributed via email. (Updated August 2010)

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Field of Study Guide
Field of Study Guide
Excel File that allows searching for program options in the following fields: English courses in Art and Design, Business, Communications, Education, Health, Humanities, STEM; all fields of study in French, German and Spanish. (Note: when sorting "a" equals the check mark.)

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Highlighted Program Flyers
Argentina Argentina ISEP-Direct Intensive Spanish Program for Beginners at Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires.
Belgium Belgium Study at Vesalius College in Brussels with classes in Business, International Relations, Communications and internship opportunities.
Brazil Direct Flyer Brazil ISEP offers two programs in Brazil focusing on Brazilian and Portuguese Studies at Fundação Armando Alvares Panteado – FAAP. These programs include an Extensive Portuguese Course and a course in which students are taught in English
Costa Rica Direct Flyer Costa Rica Study in Spanish in Costa Rica at the Universidad Nacional-UNA
Masaryk Flyer Czech Republic Central European Studies Program or the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages certification program.
Montpellier Flyer France - Montpellier Study French Language at Université Paul Valéry (Montpellier III)
France - Savoie Study French Language at Université de Savoie
Ghana Poster Ghana Poster with information about the University of Ghana
SacroCuore Special Program Flyer Italy Joint English-Italian Program at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan
Murcia Special Program Flyer Spain - Murcia Study Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture at the Universidad de Murcia

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